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"The Way" 8 inch X 10 inch Giclee print on canvas


I Am The Way The Truth and The Life

“I Am the Way the Truth and the Life” is a portrait of Jesus who has overcome every obstacle with Spiritual Power and He bids us to follow His example. His ways can be our ways, His life can be our life, and He will lead us into all truth by the power of His Spirit.
The seven stars (Rev. 1: 20) represent the angles of the seven churches – special messengers to the church. Spiritually complete in wisdom and revelation of Jesus Christ, they direct us in His way, His truth, and His life.
The moon behind the head of Christ is a symbol of a new time and season for the church to enter into a new level of faith. It’s a harvest moon depicting this season of harvest for The Body of Christ. Its orange color represents praise, spiritual warfare, intercession, relationship and companionship with God. Note that Jesus has one hand raised to the Father as He beckons us to step out on the water with Him, to be where He is.
Date Added: 02/10/2012 by Leslie Marks
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