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Awakening to Reformation12 inch X 15 inch Giclee print on canvas


We have entered the season of “Awakening to Reformation.” This is a visual apostolic decree that is shaking the sleeping church from a place of apathy, complacency and procrastination, and propelling her into the posture of the warrior bride that she was created and destined to become. I was so stirred by a prophetic vision that Prophet Cindy Jacobs shared on July 20th that I immediately began to see the words in tangible form. The image literally progressed from prophetic word and vision to prophetic intercession, which birthed a visual apostolic decree that takes a position of agreement with heaven and all those on earth who understand and embrace our apostolic reformation mandate and sense the urgency of this season and the need for righteousness to prevail.
• Note the clock set on 3 o’clock, the hour of prayer (as in Acts 3) and the hour glass showing that the time is now to fast, pray and cry out for an acceleration of revival and awakening in this country.
• The hand upon the Word of God represents our agreement and identification with the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help us God!
• The balance scale of justice and righteousness is perfectly balanced; held in place by intercession that brings to bear the heart of God and the mind of Christ on Earth as it is in heaven resulting in the mountain that depicts the Kingdom of God having become fully established, and having taken dominion over all other kingdoms.
Date Added: 02/10/2012 by Leslie Marks
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