"Sons of Thunder" 36 inch X 48 inch Giclee print on canvas


Get free art with "The Stewardship Plan"
“Sons of Thunder” is one of 12 images that your church can purchase utilizing “The Stewardship Plan.”
As the Lord moved upon our hearts a few years ago to produce and offer for sale to the public, prints of the prophetic artworks that are produced by Leslie Young Marks, we made a startling discovery. Most churches today don’t budget for art to display in their church buildings. In the past churches and particularly cathedrals actually commissioned artists to paint art to help to communicate the message to a largely literate congregation. As this art was produced they discovered that it helped to record the messages for future generations. We recently learned that Martin Luther requested at least two artists to record every sermon that he preached. But as we moved into this endeavor to restore art to the Church we found that unless a benefactor paid for the art, and there are some that do, most churches don’t display art, or if they do it is purely for decoration and not to convey the messages that the church is preaching.
As we prayed concerning this several things began to align. First Leslie received a prophetic word from a well-known prophet that when the large prints that we offer for sale are placed on the wall that they were anointed to enhance the spiritual atmosphere in that place. Later as we expanded our line of prints to include smaller lithograph prints on paper, God gave us an idea. As I prayed and started to try to determine how this would work He gave me a name and “The Stewardship Plan” was birthed. Here is how it works.
When your church purchases a 36 inch by 48 inch fine art print on canvas that sell for $999.00, Visual Praise Prophetic Art will donate to your church 50 of our smaller lithograph prints on paper that retail for $25.00 each. You sell them and restore the purchase price of the large Giclee print on canvas to your treasury. It’s really simple: sell these 50 prints for $25 each and you make $1250. That is enough to pay for the large canvas print with $251 remaining to help pay for shipping, stretching and a frame to match your church’s décor. This makes archival prophetic art available to almost any church.
Prophetic prints have a dramatic effect on the spiritual atmosphere where they are displayed. Your church and your members get the same image and prophetic message in their home or business. Everybody draws the same anointing into their lives and everybody benefits. This also allows our ministry to move up the “Mountain of Fine Art” and help to retake it for the Kingdom of God.
The 12 images that we offer utilizing “The Stewardship Plan” are all 36 inch by 48 inch Giclee prints on canvas. They will last for generations as a visible reminder of the Word of God. Call us at 770-786-1206 or email your contact information to bill@visualpraise.com so we can discuss the possibilities. This offer is not available on our website.

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